Labtech Ultra Micro Pelletizing Line mit transparentem Zylindergehäuse

We are pleased to present to you a new Ultra Micro Pelletizer Line. This line is very special as it is built with a transparent extruder barrel as well as transparent downstream water bath and pelletizer. With this you can watch the resin with a masterbatch being transported by the screw and the strand from the die is lead through the water bath to the pelletizer.
The pelletizer is also made from a very unique design where the strand is led through a round plate equipped with rotary knives. So it will cut the strand in a similar way as on a face cutter. The pelletizer has two DC gear motors, one for the cutter and the other for variable strand feeding.
Also the Ultra Micro pelletizer line is equipped with a very nice touch screen control. This is offered as an option and the standard version will have digital and analogue controls.
Due to the transparent Polycarbonate barrel, the extruder can only process resins at max 120 degree C. But we can also supply the extruder with the normal steel barrel to process up to 250 degree C.

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