3D-Druck Filamentanlage

Labtech High Speed 3D-Filament Production line at 100m per min

  • with vacuum calibration for a high strand diameter precision with +/- 0.025mm tolerance
  • for 1.75 to 3.00mm diameter 3D filament
  • High Speed Caterpillar Haul Off unit with variable speed drive of belt with a max pulling speed of 100 meter per minute
  • Dual Axis Laser Diameter Measuring Gauge connected in closed loop for exact diameter control
  • Filament accumulator for easy reel changing
  • High speed two-station wind up unit with touch screen control, digital meter counter and automatic cutter

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New Ultra Micro 3D Filament Line with 5mm Twin Screw Extruder

The Ultra Micro 3D Filament Compact Line consists of a 5mm Super Micro 40L/D twin screw extruder, a water bath, and a traverse spool winder station. frame.
lt is designed to be ideally suited for running very small sample sizes for R&D and QC applications and features fully computerized, user-friendly controls for an intuitive operating experience.
The line is complete with strand cooling bath, a puller station, followed by a single station cassette wind up unit with oscillating strand guide.
The line can produce 3-D filament of diameters 1.75 and 2.85 mm or any other diameter required.
The 5 mm twin requires to be fed with free flowing powder but the line will also be available with our 12 mm twin screw extruder to be used with regular pellet sizes or pellet/powder mixtures.

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